07 April 2010


So I thought it was about time to mention one of my favourite blogs. One of my old design school/triathlon friends, she is always posting amazing photos, great recipes and crafty goodness! One of her recent posts related to Jamie Olivers Ministry of Food book. I had been holding on to a book voucher since my birthday and put it to good use to get this book. The principle behind the book is to inspire people to get in the kitchen and create their own meals and share them with others. My cooking was in need of some help basically because I am time poor, and my *husband* is a better cook. So I am working on this now, reading all of the gourmet travellers I can get my hands on and preparing to cook up a storm. Tomorrow night we are having guests for dinner and preparing homemade pizza for entree, four cheese gnocchi with walnuts, and Jamies Mega Chocolate Fudge Cake for dessert! My etsy shop is going well with lots of fun international orders which is great! Not long now till the honeymoon and I can't wait to sit on a sunlounge with a Singha in hand!

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  1. Ah! You are too kind!

    But seriously the recipes in the book are great. Everything we've cooked works and the step by step pics really help Mr T visualise how it should all come together!