29 November 2009


Found these cute dresses from Barkins today - not sure about these exact colours but love the styles!

28 November 2009

DIY bouquet

Today I bought a bunch of baby pink and white carnations. Then I came across this blog post that detailled how to make a carnation bouquet that turns out to look likes peonies!

what do you think?


I like the subtle style of these dresses. Don't think I want really bright dresses and these dresses from sajawedding are so pretty!

Bridesmaids Dresses

I am starting to have a small panic attack about finding bridesmaids dresses. One problem I have is finding time to go and look but I also want something that is not too mainstream so I need to find some great shops in Melbourne where the dresses don't cost a fortune. I am doing some searching online and hopefully there will be an expedition next weekend. In the meantime I will post some ideas and see what you all think!!

26 November 2009


I love drooling over Jonas Peterson wedding photos! I love these cool almost 'miniature' photos! Enjoyed a great Japanese dinner last night with my lovely triathlon friends!

23 November 2009


Mondays can be so tough! I have been working on some custom orders today which is great fun - here is a sneak peak although the designs won't be finalised until tomorrow. I have also made a resolution with myself to give up drinking alcohol. For now this will be for one month - so until the 23rd of December. There are a few reasons for this - one being for my health, one being so I can get nice and trim before my wedding in 4 months time and also because I think it will positively effect my life in other ways! So I will be using you guys as my honesty system and if I break my pact I promise to post here and let you know!!

22 November 2009


I am so in love with Peonies at the moment. This bouquet via wedding style guide is just so pretty! Its a shame they are not in season in March!


I must be the most indecisive person in the world. How about these colours? I love them!! Maybe I would swap the purple for a shade closer to pink to match my wedding shoes!


I have been doing some blogging, custom orders & shopping on etsy this afternoon! I came across this photograph from The Blue Balloon. I love the whimsical style of her shots and also the cool stationery.

Ripponlea Estate

Yesterday we attended our friends wedding atRipponlea Estate. I have to say it was such a great day and an amazing venue. Even though it was raining the beautiful gardens and the amazing mansion were stunning. The catering by Peter Rowland was also a highlight. I had to buy a new pair of Tony Bianco shoes for the occasion although silver satin shoes and rain don't go too well!

More posts to come!

20 November 2009


How I love weekends! This weekend we have a wedding tomorrow and then some time of work which will be fantastic. Lots of updates to come over the weekend!

14 November 2009

Wedding invitation

I have been working on some custom orders in my etsy shop and thought this one was a great combination of two of my designs. I am in the process of designing my own invitation but just waiting to select the bridesmaids dress so I can match the colours. Only problem is I am so picky I can never choose one that I absolutely love! Not much else to report - still so hot in Melbourne but I guess I can't complain!!

10 November 2009

DIY wedding bouquet

So I have been doing some research and I am seriously considering making my own wedding bouquet. It is not so much the cost of having one made it is more the fact that this way I can make it exactly the way I want! Our wedding is going to be a little bit rustic so I figure if some of the flowers are a bit 'wonky' it won't be such a bad thing. I came across this post on DesignSponge - (great blog!) which has really inspired me. The only thing will be making sure I have time the day before and making sure it won't stress me out!!

08 November 2009

To bouquet or not to bouquet

I have been having some wedding dilemmas... mainly in my head and mainly based around my colour palette, my exact wedding style and also my wedding flowers. I am not sure if a bouquet fits with my wedding style but I also feel I need to have something in my hands when I arrive. Here are some flowers I have come across that I like - what do you guys think? Something structured or something casual? Some final colour palette options will be posted shortly and I will be collecting votes!!

In the garden

So nice to finally see the sun - and now it is boiling hot. So we spent some time in our garden looking after the herbs and tomato plants! The exercise is going better - went for a great ride this morning and planning for lots more.