21 May 2010

Paneang Curry

While we were away we spent our last day doing a cooking class. After we met with the monk in the morning! Anyway.. we cooked Tom Yam Goong, Phad Thai & Paneang Curry. My favourite was definately the curry and despite eating thai food 3 times a day for 2 straight weeks I still can't get enough! Here is the recipe!

Panaeng curry paste - 10g
Shrimp paste - 2 g
Coconut milk (fresh if possible) 100g
Chicken stock - 30g
Vegetable oil - 20g
Kaffir lime leaves julienne - 2g
Red Chilli julienne - 3g
Fish sauce - 1tbsp
Sugar (palm sugar if possible) 1tsp

1. Heat vegetable oil, add panaeng curry paste and shrimp paste and stir for 3 minutes until the curry paste is fragrant
2. Add the pork or chicken or beef and stir for 4 minutes until well mixed
3. Add the chicken stock
4. When the stock boils, add coconut milk and boil for 3 minutes until bubbling
5. Add kaffir lime leaves and red chilli and season with fish sauce, salt and sugar to taste
6. Pour into a bowl and garnish with kaffir lime leaves and red chilli

17 May 2010

Koh Racha

Our first stop in Thailand was a small island called Koh Racha off Phuket. The hotel is one of only a few on the island and it sure was luxury! We had our own pool which has a view down to the bay as well as an outdoor shower and many other cool features. We were able to explore the island by quad bike, snorkel and basically just relax! Our kyaking adventure was less successful and I don't think we will be 'tandem' kyaking again!!

I am really struggling to re-adjust to being back home in the cold Melbourne weather so am working out some new goals for myself to keep motivated and make life a little bit more exciting/challenging!

16 May 2010


We are back from the Honeymoon - it was brilliant! We had lots of fun times and stayed in some great places - many photos to come!