28 February 2010

Taking a vote...

Since my hair trial I have been thinking about changing my mind - oh no not again! I thought I wanted my hair low and on the side but not I am starting to think it might just look a bit strange. I am taking votes for side or back - let me know what you think!


Yesterday we attended the wedding of friends Nicole and Richard. It was a beautiful day and fantastic venues. Nicole looked amazing! We were also able to meet our amazing photographer Andrew Maccoll and after seeing some of the sneak peak shots from Nicole and Richard's we are SO excited!!! Here are a few shots from another one of his weddings - gorgeous! I have also been inspired to perhaps invest in a 'proper' camera - we will see!


25 February 2010


Next week - oh my gosh is my 30th birthday. It has been a bit hard to organise anything with the wedding coming up but we are planning to visit Melbourne restaurant Taxi for dinner next week - I can't wait! Everything else is coming together nicely although it is coming around so quickly. I have a giant "to do" list next to me but looking forward to checking it off. HTB has a "it will be fine" attitude - which is great for him!! Anyway!! Hair trial was last night and makeup trial with the lovely Ella tomorrow night.

23 February 2010

Wedding perfume

I am after some ideas for a perfect wedding perfume. Does anyone have one they just love?

Return to DIY flowers

Our flower quote came through yesterday and HTB almost died. I am going back to the idea of DIY flowers. I know it is more work but I think it will be great to DIY them. We did a trial run yesterday and it's actually easier than I had expected. Need to do a little bit more research and a few trial runs to make sure I am happy with the results! I just wish peonies were in season.

20 February 2010

4 weeks today!

It is 4 weeks today! I am a mix of excited and "oh my god". But no, its ok! I am picking up my fitness routine and doing some serious aerobics with more riding and running. I have a list of things to cross of which I need to just keep crossing off. Plenty of guests sending through RSVP's which I love. Tonight I have the Hens of on old friend Nicole - what we are doing is a surprise to everyone including the guests. Also the joint 30th of Kate & Luke. Then tomorrow it is the christening of gorgeous Ethan. And just because here is a photo from one of my favourite weddings of all time photographed by Jose Villa.

16 February 2010

Counting down

So it all seems to be coming together although I have had a few small panic attacks lately! The wedding invitations went out and I was so happy with the print job. I sorted out the drama with the hairdresser - phew! Thursday we are off to the florist. Our amazing photographer sent through some snaps of his recent weddings - these flowers are great!

13 February 2010


Happy Valentines everyone - may your day be filled with happiness and lots of LOVE! xx
5 weeks today and counting!

07 February 2010

Love these

What a way to brighten up a day. These flowers via StyleMePretty are just gorgeous :)


So yesterday was not such a great day. I rocked up to the hairdresser to be told that our hairdresser for the day Sally had left the salon - but no-one told me this earlier! I got the colour done anyway but now I am looking for a hairdresser for 6 weeks time! Spending some time today doing organising bits and pieces and currently printing out the envelopes so that when the invites come I can send them straight away. Hoping I have everything under control! More to come this afternoon xx PS. Thanks Shannon for your help organising the sashes and trying to keep me calm. Thanks Tam and Claire for a lovely catch up during the week xx

05 February 2010

My Dad

This is completely unrelated to weddings. My Dad belongs to a cycling group called the 6-amers On the day that we got the jersey signed by Lance Armstrong his friends came by and took this photo - he looks pretty happy! More wedding updates to come tomorrow after hair trial.

02 February 2010


Ok this may be my longest blog post ever - but lots of things are working out tonight! Firstly I went to Officeworks and found my envelopes - after making the guy climb a ladder to get down the C6 envelopes that weren't orange, yellow or black (not joking!) Anyway so that is done and now I can print the invitations! YAY. Then I was chatting to Nancy on twitter then clicked on to her blog:sohappitogether. Nancy runs an event design and coordination company. Anyway one of her posts mentioned a singer named Ingrid Michaelson - who I must admit I have never heard of but her song - "little romance" sounded so perfect for a 'first dance' song - here are the lyrics (although my HTB does have hair!):

You're in the mood for love
You're in the mood to dance
You're in the mood for a little romance
You're in the mood for love

I see you pressed those pants
I see you styled that hair
There doesn't seem to be much of it there
You're in the mood to dance

Can I have the last chance
To be your little romance
Can I have the last dance
I'm in the mood for love

I'm all dressed up tonight
I've waited all night long
When will they finally play your song
I'm in the mood to dance

Then I cam across some lovely flowers from JL Designs and one of their weddings - which looked ABSOLUTELY amazing. Then I spotted this bride - her hair is exactly what I am after! So now I have decided - no veil and no flower - just plain hair!!

Wedding flowers

Among a few other things left to do I need to organise my wedding flowers. I have been a little reluctant to do this because I know it is another expense. At the same time I have seen plenty of photos of amazing bouquets. I am not sure what varieties of flowers I will use but they will hopefully be something along these lines. On Sunday we met up with our wedding celebrant - an old friend of my Mum. She was fantastic and has already sent through a first draft of the wedding which is looking great already! Any flower suggestions welcome!!

01 February 2010