31 January 2010


I am about to go to bed but I just saw this photograph and I just had to post it! I must find a way to setup a similar shot for my wedding day! Goodnight!

Offbeat Bride

I am a little ashamed to say that I only just discovered Offbeat Bride today BUT...
This wedding looked seriously amazing. For around $100 this couple were married in a cave at sunrise using lots of vintage bits and pieces. Photgraphed by Kevin Castrop.

Sandol Stoddard

Today we met with our wedding celebrant and I have been researching wedding readings that are a little 'offbeat'. This is lovely..

I Like You – Sandol Stoddard

book excerpt

I like you

And I know why

I like you because

You are a good person

To like

I like you because

When I tell you something special

You know it’s special

And you remember it

A long long time

You say

Remember when you told me

Something special

And both of us remember

When I think something is important

You think it’s important too

We have good ideas

I like you because

You know where I’m ticklish

And you don’t tickle me there


Just a little tiny bit


But if you do then I know where to tickle you too

You know how to be silly

That’s why I like you

Boy are you ever silly

I never met anybody sillier than me

till I met you

I like you because

You know when it’s time to stop being silly

Maybe day after tomorrow

Maybe never

Oops too late

It’s quarter past silly

We fool around the same way all the time

Sometimes we don’t say a word

We snurkle under fences

We spy secret places

If I am a goofus on the roofus

Hollering my head off

You are one too

If I am getting ready to pop a paper bag

Then you are getting ready to jump


That’s because

You really like me

You really like me

Don’t you

And I really like you back

And you like me back

And I like you back

And that’s the way we keep on going

Every day


Lately I had heard a few whispers about something called FebFast which I assumed was just like dry July - a bit of a fun idea. Then I saw some more twitters about it and went to the website to find that this is an organised event which allows people to take a month of alcohol to raise money for drug and alcohol awareness. It had been on my mind a little that alcohol is really not so good for you and with the wedding coming up this seems like a great way to refresh myself, lose a few kilos and save a few dollars. Thanks to Sarah Wilson who is the ambassador for inspiring me to get involved - love her blog too! So I am starting my FebFast today - one day early because my friend Nicole is getting married at the end of February at the Circa so I think a drink will be in order to celebrate. I will keep you all updated! More wedding related posts to come - I promise!

29 January 2010

Counting down

It seems as though we are entering the 'count down' stage of our wedding. Most of the big things are done. We do have lots and pieces to be done but I feel like we are getting there. This wedding via Polka Dot Bride really shows off the soft romantic style I am after..

28 January 2010

Wedding hair

My hair trial is coming up next weekend and I have been doing some very quick searches for hairstyles that I like! Trying to find something that is a nice mix of casual that still suits a wedding.. what do you think of these? I guess it helps to be a celeb!

Tour Down Under

We also travelled to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under. The 8+ hour drive was not so much fun but the tour was very exciting. A particular highlight for me was seeing Lance Armstrong up close! We also managed to get a signature (through the help of a very kind and generous man) signed on a Livestrong jersey for my Dad. We loved the country feel of the city of Adelaide and a lovely Tapas meal at the end of the stay.

27 January 2010

I'm back!

Hi everyone - I have been away on holiday in Perth and then Adelaide for the Tour Down Under. I have lots of great photos and plenty of wedding updates so stay tuned! Here is a sneak peak of our trip to Rottnest Island in Western Australia which was SO fantastic!

11 January 2010

What fun!

How cute are these wedding photos via Snippet & Ink. Photographed by the amazing Kristopher Orr. This destination wedding really captures the fun of getting married.. They wed in Kona with a close group of friends and family - very sweet.

08 January 2010


first bunch of boutonnieres - still need to add a few touches and do 2 more but fairly happy with them so far..


Jose Villa has a new blog... in love

I am doing some serious wedding blog viewing today and this shot is so perfect. I love how simple but perfect these boutonnieres are. I have already started collecting bits and pieces (including flowers, leaves and blossoms) for mine..

How many blog posts can I make in one day!

Tony Bianco

I know I go on about Tony Bianco a little but we are deciding between 3 pairs of shoes for the bridesmaids. Currently looking at black - these are cute! Which pair do you like? Also threw in this shot of Jodie Gordon - these shoes are hot! Wedding hair ideas/flowers to follow!

For Shannon!

07 January 2010

Bridesmaids earrings

These are the cute little earrings I bought yesterday for the bridesmaids. It is all starting to come together. Sourcing some materials to make some DIY boutonnieres

06 January 2010


this is pretty close to the final draft for our invitations..
today I had quite a productive day. Bought some lovely little Trent Nathan earrings for the bridesmaids and decided NOT to print the invitations myself!


At the moment I am loving Sia and her new song you've changed. I have also been looking for some wedding music that really suits our style. I know classic songs can be nice but I just don't think it will work for us. I am thinking of using this Sia song for the procession (if that's what I should call it!)

"Day Too Soon"

Pick me up in your arms
Carry me away from harm
You're never gonna put me down
I know you're just one good man
You'll tire before we see land
You're never gonna put me down

Oh I've been running all my life
I ran away, I ran away from good
Yeah I've been waiting all my life
You're not a day you're not day too soon

Honey I will stitch you
Darling I will fit you in my heart
Honey I will meet you
Darling I will keep you in my heart

You'll risk all this for just a kiss
I promise I will not resist
Promise you won't hold me down
And when we reach a good place
Let's be sure to leave no trace
Promise they won't track us down

05 January 2010

Just in..

I just came across this post on Style Me Pretty and am in love! Her hair, dress, flowers, bolero, shoes - everything looks amazing!! Apparently these shoes are called Natalie Portman by Te'casan - you would be crazy not to love them!


So last night we counted down and we are at 10.5 weeks to go till the wedding day so today I am in panic mode. I need to do so many things! I just ordered a wedding name change kit and now I am in the process of getting as many things done as I can but I just don't know where to start!!

Tomorrow we meet with the celebrant so I can lock in a time and get the invitations printed - I will post the design so you can check it out!!

Last week I ordered these hair pieces for our hair from Little White Dresser on etsy (LOVE her shop!). Mine will be the white one and the bridesmaids will have the coloured ones in a dusky pink - can't wait till they come. Any wedding planning tips would be gladly appreciated!