25 March 2010


So - finally I have a chance to do a proper post about the wedding. I have so many people to thanks it is not funny. Waiting on the professional photos to really show what the day was like but here are a few more for now!

Thanks to my fabulous bridesmaids - Claire, Tam & Shannon. You all put in so much work and kept me calm and helped me make decisions!! You all looked SO beautiful and it was just amazing having you by my side for the day!

Thanks to my new husband Matt - you are awesome!

Thanks to my family and friends - especially Mum & Dad xx

And mainly in order of appearance:

Amanda for the most delicious food and amazing venue

Paul Hyland for your beautiful flowers

Andi Maccoll - the best photographer ever!

Sally - amazing hair - thanks Sal

Ella - for our makeup - you are a legend!

Mike - for driving Dad and I in your cool mustang

So many more but that will do for now!!

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