04 March 2010

16 sleeps to go!

It is crazy time! We have 16 sleeps to go till the wedding!
Yesterday was my 30th birthday! We ate out in the morning at the Blue Dish in Highett - I loved my french toast with banana! Then for dinner we went to Taxi. This was a meal I had been planning for about a year! The food was fantastic but we had to agree - not the best meal we have ever had. I certainly enjoyed the sushi and sashimi platter and the tempura crab sushi. Perhaps after the wedding I will become a food blogger that way I can take photos and eat out lots!
We also had a chance to go and visit a florist named Paul Hyland. He was extremely helpful and reduced some of my stress by providing a quote that was half my first one! I am sure I will be 100% with the flowers he puts together! This Saturday is the Hens & Bucks - its going to be fun!



  1. so glad you had a good birthday and relieved that you have found a florist with a far better price and that you will be happy with - getting exciting now! Catherine x

  2. Happy belated 30th birthday! 16 sleeps?!! That's real soon now. Try to relax and just take the next 2 weeks as easy as possible.