25 February 2010


Next week - oh my gosh is my 30th birthday. It has been a bit hard to organise anything with the wedding coming up but we are planning to visit Melbourne restaurant Taxi for dinner next week - I can't wait! Everything else is coming together nicely although it is coming around so quickly. I have a giant "to do" list next to me but looking forward to checking it off. HTB has a "it will be fine" attitude - which is great for him!! Anyway!! Hair trial was last night and makeup trial with the lovely Ella tomorrow night.

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  1. Happy Birthday for next week. Glad to hear all wedding prep is coming together. How are the flowers going? I saw you love peonies, but they are out of season. Have you thought of ranunculus, I love the way their petals are all layered. I've got some photos on my Blog at the moment from them if it helps to get an idea. Hugs, Catherine x