02 February 2010


Ok this may be my longest blog post ever - but lots of things are working out tonight! Firstly I went to Officeworks and found my envelopes - after making the guy climb a ladder to get down the C6 envelopes that weren't orange, yellow or black (not joking!) Anyway so that is done and now I can print the invitations! YAY. Then I was chatting to Nancy on twitter then clicked on to her blog:sohappitogether. Nancy runs an event design and coordination company. Anyway one of her posts mentioned a singer named Ingrid Michaelson - who I must admit I have never heard of but her song - "little romance" sounded so perfect for a 'first dance' song - here are the lyrics (although my HTB does have hair!):

You're in the mood for love
You're in the mood to dance
You're in the mood for a little romance
You're in the mood for love

I see you pressed those pants
I see you styled that hair
There doesn't seem to be much of it there
You're in the mood to dance

Can I have the last chance
To be your little romance
Can I have the last dance
I'm in the mood for love

I'm all dressed up tonight
I've waited all night long
When will they finally play your song
I'm in the mood to dance

Then I cam across some lovely flowers from JL Designs and one of their weddings - which looked ABSOLUTELY amazing. Then I spotted this bride - her hair is exactly what I am after! So now I have decided - no veil and no flower - just plain hair!!

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