06 January 2010


At the moment I am loving Sia and her new song you've changed. I have also been looking for some wedding music that really suits our style. I know classic songs can be nice but I just don't think it will work for us. I am thinking of using this Sia song for the procession (if that's what I should call it!)

"Day Too Soon"

Pick me up in your arms
Carry me away from harm
You're never gonna put me down
I know you're just one good man
You'll tire before we see land
You're never gonna put me down

Oh I've been running all my life
I ran away, I ran away from good
Yeah I've been waiting all my life
You're not a day you're not day too soon

Honey I will stitch you
Darling I will fit you in my heart
Honey I will meet you
Darling I will keep you in my heart

You'll risk all this for just a kiss
I promise I will not resist
Promise you won't hold me down
And when we reach a good place
Let's be sure to leave no trace
Promise they won't track us down

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