31 January 2010


Lately I had heard a few whispers about something called FebFast which I assumed was just like dry July - a bit of a fun idea. Then I saw some more twitters about it and went to the website to find that this is an organised event which allows people to take a month of alcohol to raise money for drug and alcohol awareness. It had been on my mind a little that alcohol is really not so good for you and with the wedding coming up this seems like a great way to refresh myself, lose a few kilos and save a few dollars. Thanks to Sarah Wilson who is the ambassador for inspiring me to get involved - love her blog too! So I am starting my FebFast today - one day early because my friend Nicole is getting married at the end of February at the Circa so I think a drink will be in order to celebrate. I will keep you all updated! More wedding related posts to come - I promise!

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