08 November 2009

To bouquet or not to bouquet

I have been having some wedding dilemmas... mainly in my head and mainly based around my colour palette, my exact wedding style and also my wedding flowers. I am not sure if a bouquet fits with my wedding style but I also feel I need to have something in my hands when I arrive. Here are some flowers I have come across that I like - what do you guys think? Something structured or something casual? Some final colour palette options will be posted shortly and I will be collecting votes!!

1 comment:

  1. Interesting! If you don't want the 'traditional' bouquet I do love the idea of just one very long stem ivory (or whatever colour) rose or even a casually grouped couple of stems of a few favourite flowers.
    Are you religious? If so Rosary Beads would be special and also look beautiful. If your wedding is more casual or quirky (sorry, I should go back and look), the button bouquets seem fun. Polkadot Bride featured them a little while ago.
    Look forward to seeing more of your choices!
    Bonnie x