22 November 2009


I am so in love with Peonies at the moment. This bouquet via wedding style guide is just so pretty! Its a shame they are not in season in March!


  1. Beautiful bouquet! Peonies are a nice change from the more traditional flowers too :)

  2. If you're really keen on peonies but can't get fresh ones in March, have you considered artificial? I know, you're probably horrified at the thought - the idea of fake flowers is something I would normally cringe at too, as they can be soooo ugly - but I get foam and fabric flowers to sell in my store, from a couple of wonderful wholesalers that I have discovered. These products are amazingly realistic - actually very beautiful. I encourage you to explore the idea if you have your heart set on a particular flower.
    If you're really stuck, I'd be happy to help. All the best with your planning!


  3. Peonies are my favorite flower. I am so excited that you have named an entire blog after them.