22 September 2009

Wedding Dress Help

Ok so I have spent today organising the wedding (about time you might say!) So we have booked our villa for the weekend (amazing) I will post pics tomorrow. For now I am completely stressed out about my dress but getting closer. I am really leaning towards the whole buy online thing - I really don't want an 'over the top',  fullon bridal dress - I just want simple!!! I have been strongly advised NOT to do this but it feels right to me! So I have a few dress options from J Crew - which I love and also Nordstrom which I don't love as much but I know once I put on some awesome shoes and a few accessories the whole day will fit together perfectly.
So here are the two dresses I am debating today - let me know what you think!!
1. J Crew

2. Nordstrom


  1. Ohhh they are both beautiful!! I _think_ I like the first one best, but only just!

  2. Love the J crew dress. I think that's absolutely stunning! Not too fond of the bodice on the Nordstorm dress. Seems a bit awkward? But the J crew dress will definitely make you look like a stunning goddess! love it!

  3. I personally like the JCrew dress better. It's more romantic and dreamy! But that's just me...

  4. I think both of them are lovely but if I had to choose it would be the first one. It's so lovely...

  5. I like the original j crew option, beautiful and can be dressed up heaps or left casually elegant.