21 May 2010

Paneang Curry

While we were away we spent our last day doing a cooking class. After we met with the monk in the morning! Anyway.. we cooked Tom Yam Goong, Phad Thai & Paneang Curry. My favourite was definately the curry and despite eating thai food 3 times a day for 2 straight weeks I still can't get enough! Here is the recipe!

Panaeng curry paste - 10g
Shrimp paste - 2 g
Coconut milk (fresh if possible) 100g
Chicken stock - 30g
Vegetable oil - 20g
Kaffir lime leaves julienne - 2g
Red Chilli julienne - 3g
Fish sauce - 1tbsp
Sugar (palm sugar if possible) 1tsp

1. Heat vegetable oil, add panaeng curry paste and shrimp paste and stir for 3 minutes until the curry paste is fragrant
2. Add the pork or chicken or beef and stir for 4 minutes until well mixed
3. Add the chicken stock
4. When the stock boils, add coconut milk and boil for 3 minutes until bubbling
5. Add kaffir lime leaves and red chilli and season with fish sauce, salt and sugar to taste
6. Pour into a bowl and garnish with kaffir lime leaves and red chilli

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