31 October 2009


I have been so busy lately I haven't had a lot of time to post on my blog. So here is a quick update. I have been working really flat out lately and my exercise program got thrown out the window. So this morning I got up nice and early and did my 40 min run/walk - it seems as though my body has forgotten what to do but I am feeling so motivated now! Planning to ride tomorrow morning so will post afterwards! All the wedding planning is going well - kind of on hold which is nice! Today I am off to the hairdresser - cant wait. Then lots of errands to run and babysitting my little nephew tonight! Lots of orders and enquiries coming through my etsy shop so I am really excited about that! Think thats about it - thanks for all your lovely comments!!

29 October 2009


I have been having lots of fun over the past day or so searching for wedding items on etsy. Here is a great little shop ohmydeer. Love these photos!

25 October 2009


I am currently working on lots of new design templates in my etsy shop. I am also in the process of designing our invitations which I have decided to simplify. Now that there is google maps I don't think we need a map to the venue! Just need to come up with a design that I am really happy with that captures the style I am after for the day! These lovely place cards come via green wedding shoes one of my favourite wedding blogs. Out to try a new local restaurant tonight - fingers crossed it is good - as we have so little to choose from!

24 October 2009


Last night we headed down to St Kilda for a yummy seafood dinner at Claypots. We got in nice and early and scored a great table outside. After a couple of drinks our 2 claypots and 3 fish dishes arrived. One cajun snapper, crispy skin dory and snapper with coriander. So good!

22 October 2009

Colour Palette

I thought I was getting so close to making a decision about my wedding colours but I keep changing my mind. I was going through some of my 'inspiration' photos the other day and came across this photo. It is quite different to the palette I had but I think it is quite pretty, a little bit different and also nice and summery. What do you think?

20 October 2009

dress sneak peak

Since I haven't been able to find a pic of the dress - here is a shot that I took for one of my bridesmaids.

18 October 2009

Sunday Jonas Love

I love everything I see from Jonas Peterson and this dreamy wedding shoot is no exception. All the wedding planning is going great guns. My new fitness regime unfortunately is not! But I will start afresh tomorrow since it is Monday!! Off for some yummy thai tonight!


Honeymoon is now booked! Off to Thailand - just working out a bit of a travel plan!! Can't wait!

15 October 2009

Lisa Ho

I picked up my wedding dress today. I still can't find a shot of the actual dress so here are some other Lisa Ho dresses! Guess I will have to wait until I can post the wedding shots which won't be for a few months. Looking forward to the weather turning sunny next week!


So, I haven't had too much in the way of inspiration to post this week but I'm sure over the weekend there will be plenty! Off to pick up my dress today which I am very excited about. ALso working on a new exercise program which I plan to share on my blog to keep myself honest and on track! This will involve completing my minimum 5 sessions per week and checking in on each one - hope it works! Oh and if you haven't seen the constant gardener - go and rent it out - it is so amazing!

12 October 2009


I got my Lisa Ho dress today. The visit to Mariana Hardwick didn't prove successful. So it was back to Lisa Ho where I tried on a few dresses but ended up going back to the one I found a few weeks ago. It is long and flowy, strapless, kind of Grecian style with a little belt with beads - will have to find a pic of it to show it off. Very happy and relieved!

11 October 2009

Inspiration board

Love this inspiration board from Green Wedding Shoes. These colours are so dreamy and beautiful. We also settled on our groom/groomsmen outfits today. Black pants, black vest and skinny tie with a nice white shirt - I will post some pics that make it look a bit better than it sounds!

Oh Mariana!

I am off on my first official dress shopping expedition tomorrow (the first one was more of a secret mission in the rain). Heading straight to Mariana Hardwick. My sister and her gorgeous bub Ethan are accompanying me and I am sure she will help me make up my mind as I am not very decisive! I really hope I can find something I like!

Wedding shoes

I got my wedding shoes today. A bargain from Nine West - $40! I love them!

09 October 2009


Before I go to sleep I have to post some of these photographs from Clayton Austin. So beautiful. Goodnight!


Love this vintage wedding via stylemepretty. We have been doing some serious thinking about our wedding and have decided to simplify a little. No matter how hard we have tried to keep the wedding nice and relaxed and casual there is so much to think about and so much to do! We have decided to resort back to the simple things. We are concentrating on family, friends, good food & wine and everyone having a lovely time - that is the most important part!

07 October 2009

what fun!

Striped party dress from ouma on etsy. Fun, fun, fun!


I just came across this lovely hair piece from tijusai on etsy. Love the idea of using one of her flowers for the bridesmaids perhaps instead of bouquets? Also sorted out rings today and my gorgeous friend is free to do our makeup! Progress at last!

06 October 2009


I came across these photos from Lee Clower tonight which have really caught my eye. Wedding planning all seems to be on track - apart from finding time to go and get my dress - aaarrrggh! It will all be ok!

A bit stuck!

I am a bit stuck for ideas tonight about what to post after an extremely hard windtrainer session. So here is a great fun pic from my wedding ideas files!

04 October 2009

Bridal Hair Piece

on the search for a nice simple, pretty bridal hair piece on etsy - still looking...

Sunday afternoon

Hey there, so its Sunday afternoon and the sun is out in Melbourne which I am so happy about. Skipped my ride again and instead we made mini chicken pies with leek and mushroom, went and visited my aunt and started potting all of our tomatoes and herbs. I came across this photoshoot from Karen Wise and I am really loving the colour of these bridesmaids dresses with the bouquets. Let me know what you think and happy Sunday everyone!