27 July 2009

Wedding inspiration

Now that the engagement party is done I am moving on to organising the wedding. It is booked for March next year so I do have some time up my sleeves (it's cold in Melbourne). But I think I need to start checking off some boxes. Here is a lovely shot of a Lily to inspire me - also one of my favourite names! Next thing to do is the dress but I am having too much fun thinking about the honeymoon.

I will keep you all updated with my progress and other beautiful wedding items that I come across on Etsy!

This shot was taken by Tali Schiffer-Ore and I think it is just beautiful - check out her shop full of gorgeous prints!

1 comment:

  1. Gee, thanks for that! I follow your blog, and I love reading your posts... I never imagined it would include me :)
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